Working Tax Credit – definition of work as a condition of application

As you can see from its title, a Working Tax Credit can only be applied for by someone who is holding a job of any nature, which fails to pay all their expenses in order for them to ensure that the minimum living conditions apply. So, let’s see what can count as work by definition and whether someone who is self-employed can apply for a working tax credit.

What counts as proper work?

What happens when you are self-employed?

It’s important to note that not all self-employed people can apply for a working tax credit. There are certain exceptions, such as the following:

If you are self-employed and opt for a Working Tax Credit you will be asked to provide the following additional documentation:

Your salary as a self employed

You must provide proof that you work lasts at least 4 weeks and you would be paid accordingly.

What does not count as a paid work?

When you apply for a work tax limit, the minimum income will always be compared to your actual living conditions and how you apply for a working tax credit. The minimum required income is therefore different for the one who applies for it living alone with a child and also different for one without child or for those applying for a Work Tax Credit as a couple. For more information call Working Tax Credit Phone Number and check out the website.