All you need to know about obtaining Child Tax credit

Child tax credit is one out of the two credits which are soon to be replaced with the Universal Credit on the whole area of the country by the end of 2018. But today, you can still obtain Child tax credit in many areas of the UK. And for those who want to renew their existing tax credits yet live in an area where Universal credit has been implemented: their credit will automatically be switched to Universal tax credit without further ado. Let’s learn more about the Child tax credit, specifically about who can claim it and what basic expectations the applicants need to fulfil in order to get it.

The first and foremost requirement of getting a Child Tax credit is that you are legally responsible for raising your child or children. This is also true for those who legally adopt a child and raise him or her as theirs.

The basic requirements are the following:

It’s important to note, that unlike with working tax credit, the applicant doesn’t need to work in order to be held eligible for Child Tax credit. One household can only obtain one child tax credit. It’s also important to note that the child tax credit will not affect the obligatory Child benefit you are receiving or to receive from the state.

The exact amount of child tax credit:

There is a difference between making a new claim or if you are already claiming and would like to renew the credit.

If you are making a new claim:

New claims will mostly be replaced by Universal Credit - you will need to check the current universal credit areas on the website. The exceptions from the above rule are the following:

The amount of claim:

The amount of Child tax credit depends on the following key questions:

For more information on the exact rates which may apply to you call the Child Tax Credit Helpline or visit the website.